Company Culture



Our Mission

Volkert’s company culture is expressed in the way we live out our stated mission:

To serve the public in a professional and ethical manner – Throughout its history, Volkert has been dedicated to serving the public. From our development of Navy docks in World War II to our contributions to the design of the Interstate highway system, to our efforts to restore the Gulf Coast, our commitment to highest professional and ethical standards has earned the trust of the public and its representatives since 1925.

To serve our clients with quality, innovation, and honest value – Whether serving the public sector or private industry, Volkert’s focus is on quality. We have integrated the discipline of quality into our organizational culture through the deliberate application of quality management principles in everything we do.

To serve our employees through sustainable corporate growth, employee ownership, and personal development – As an employee-owned company, all our associates have a stake in our growth and success. The culture of ownership has contributed to steady and sustained corporate growth over the years. Likewise, Volkert encourages its associates to grow through professional development opportunities.

To serve our profession by promoting the highest standards of practice – Volkert associates are members and leaders in our industry’s professional associations across the nation, including the American Council of Engineering Companies, the Society of Women Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and many others. Through this service and advocacy, Volkert encourages practices and reforms that benefit the public and our industry.

To serve our neighbors through community service – Volkert has made a concerted effort to focus on meeting basic human needs—clothing, food, and shelter—as its corporate social responsibility. To meet those needs, Volkert provides financial support and our employees serve as volunteers for the Salvation Army, local food banks, and Habitat for Humanity. In addition to these main three areas of support, Volkert offices impact their communities in myriad ways:

  • Raising funds for local and national health care providers
  • Promoting STEM education and programs
  • Sending care packages to overseas troops
  • Donating to blood drives