4th Street and L Street NW

Project Photos

Location: Washington, DC
Client: District Department of Transportation (DDOT)

Volkert created the design for two urban roadways in Washington DC:  4th Street NW between New York Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue and L Street NW between 4th Street NW and 5th Street NW; including the redesign for the National Park Service (NPS) Reservation 178.

L Street NW was converted from a one-way street into a two-way street with parallel parking lanes. The work included new traffic signalization at the busy intersection of 5th Street, L Street, and New York Avenue and the complete transformation of the intersection’s NPS triangle park thanks to the closure of an access ramp which had divided the park in two. This part of the project became a three-way public private partnership between the District (the client), NPS (the property owner), and the private developer (the one who paid for the construction costs). Volkert’s hard work helped facilitate the park design process so that all parties were satisfied with the outcome.  The public private partnership continued between the District and the developers, as the developer also paid for the construction costs of L Street NW.

4th Street NW was transformed from a partial one-way roadway into a continuous two-way roadway with parallel parking on both sides. The drainage system was completely retrofitted to meet the required regulations, and intersections were upgraded to provide adequate turning movements.

Coordination with multiple large-scale private developments in the area included resolving conflicting schedules, designs, and/or construction issues.  On multiple occasions, Volkert met with developers and architects to coordinate public right-of-way treatments, access points, and utility relocations.

Scope of Work: Site Survey, Geotechnical Study, Civil Engineering, Lighting Design, Roadway Design, Traffic Management, Stormwater Management, Utility Relocation, Landscape Architecture, Public Outreach