Ameren Services URD

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Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Client: Ameren

Volkert joined forces with Ameren Missouri and Utilimap Corporation in 2016 on a project for title/ownership research and easement acquisition for underground cable and conduit replacement in the St. Louis, Missouri, metro area. Volkert’s tasks include researching and reviewing files to determine if Ameren has an easement in locations where underground cable and conduit need replaced due to those cables failing.

After completing the research on each file, Volkert provides Ameren and Utilimap with the research that executes the rights to replace the failing cable and conduit along their proposed easement route. If no easement is found in those locations where cable needs to be replaced, Volkert reviews and provides alternate routes that may accomplish the same goal. If no other routes are conducive to that replacement of cable, Volkert negotiates with property owners to secure the rights where an easement is needed.