Ameren Vegetation Reclamation

Project Photos

Location: Illinois
Client: Ameren

Volkert has supported Ameren Illinois since 2006 with engineering, acquisition, surveying, and management of their transmission line maintenance and expansion projects. Ameren Illinois has expanded the easements along their overhead electric transmission lines to prevent trees and vegetation from compromising the integrity of the existing transmission lines. We currently have approximately 1,065 miles close to completion and will be working on approximately 800 additional miles when project is completed in 2020.

Volkert is also currently providing project management on 50 of Ameren’s transmission lines through 2020 and project is expected to extend through 2030 and adding hundreds of additional lines. These projects require surveying and the installation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) markers. The current project encompasses approximately 9,000 parcels.

Volkert’s GIS department is providing field staff with access to a GIS database in the field. With this addition, decisions can be made in the field and coordination between office personnel and field personnel is streamlined through the immediate access of information.