Bring Back Broad Street

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Location: Mobile, AL
Client: City of Mobile

Bring Back Broad is an initiative to renew and revitalize Broad Street which serves as a gateway into Mobile’s historic downtown and central business and entertainment districts.

This vital corridor had become, over time, an unattractive, abandoned, even forbidding expanse of pavement. Bring Back Broad‘s goals were to reconnect neighborhoods divided by Broad Street and to enhance the safety, comfort, appearance, and economic potential of the historic thoroughfare, including:

  • reducing crossing distances by removing lanes and providing a safe median,
  • designing streets and facilities for multi-modal transportation, prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists,
  • simplifying traffic routes through crossover connections, left-hand turns, and two-way traffic,
  • improving the streetscape with landscaping, signage, and underground utilities, and
  • implementing land use controls and incentives to encourage attractive development.

Volkert conducted public hearings, prepared permit applications, and prepared a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). Volkert also provided surveys for the project, a storm water permit, a 404 permit and NPDES permit. The contract plans were prepared by Volkert including drainage, water, sewer, traffic studies and traffic control plans, landscape plans, and sequence of construction plans. Volkert also provided construction engineering and inspection services.

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Scope of Work: Field Survey, Environmental Assessment, Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), Corridor Study, Roadway Design, Lighting Design, Landscape Design, Contract Plans, Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI), Permit Documentation, Agency Coordination, Public Involvement