Eastern Market Renovation

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Location: Washington, DC

The historic Eastern Market is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been in continuous operation as a public market since 1873 until it was severely damaged by fire. The entire city was saddened and affected by the temporary closure of the Eastern Market after the fire; therefore, renovation was a top priority.

Volkert provided hazardous materials inspections, cost estimates, and remediation specifications and designs for the renovation of the historic Eastern Market before the fire. After the fire, Volkert quickly revised and updated remediation specifications and design for asbestos, lead-based paint and mold. Cost estimates were also developed for remediation of hazard materials. In addition, Volkert monitored abatement activities in accordance with EPA, OSHA, District of Columbia regulations and project specifications.

Monitoring of lead and asbestos abatement included pre-background air samples to determine background levels of asbestos before abatement and pre-background lead air and wipe samples to determine background levels of lead prior to abatement. Air samples were collected inside and outside the work area to determine the integrity of the work area containment. Monitoring of mold remediation included pre-background air samples to determine background levels of indoor and outside mold ecology prior to remediation.

Volkert collected samples to determine the level of exposure and to identify asbestos containing materials, lead based paint and mold. These samples included asbestos bulk samples using PLM analysis, asbestos air sample using PCM analysis, lead air samples using Graphite Furnace analysis, and lead wipe and paint chip samples using Flame AA. Mold tape sample using Direct Microscopic Examination and spore trap samples using Non-Viable Methodology. All samples were analyzed by fully accredited laboratories.

Scope of Work: Hazardous Material Inspection, Remediation/Abatement Design,Cost Estimating, Abatement Monitoring