Eslava Creek SWAT

Mobile is one of the nation’s rainiest cities but its aging wastewater collection infrastructure struggles to keep out inundations during severe weather events. Volkert provided the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) with design and survey services for the construction of a new stormwater attenuation tank (SWAT) at the Eslava Creek lift station to divert peak flows during severe weather events.

Volkert performed hydraulic modeling to develop the design criteria for this facility and survey services for the design phase of the project. Electrical design included a power distribution and control system. The project entailed site development, construction of the SWAT, and construction of a nine-million gallon-per-day lift station and auxiliary equipment necessary to fill and withdraw wastewater from the tank. The project also required odor control for both the new lift station and the SWAT.

Volkert also assisted MAWSS in overcoming a land-use challenge. The project area encompassed three separate parcels of property. A subdivision application, a Planned Unit Development application, and a sidewalk waiver were submitted to consolidate the three parcels, requiring extensive coordination with City of Mobile representatives and agencies and a technical review committee.


Mobile, Alabama


Mobile Area Water and Sewer System