Florida Turnpike Enterprise – All Electronic Tolling

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Location: Florida Statewide
Client: Florida Turnpike Enterprise

To improve vehicle movements and customer service for nearly two million motorists per day, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise is converting its tolling operations to “All-Electronic Tolling” (AET). Volkert is providing analysis, design, and construction plans to modify toll plazas to accommodate these improvements.

Under its Continuing AET Services agreement, Volkert has been chosen to advance cashless tolling in multiple areas of the turnpike, continuing the work they began in the design and construction of the original Turnpike Mainline.

Through the current agreement, Volkert will evaluate, analyze, design, and prepare a complete set of construction plans and special provisions to modify toll plazas in order to accommodate AET movements and equipment.

Volkert will rely on its Mobile LiDar System to provide a fast and economical method to collect existing site conditions, while accommodating additional concept and design phases without making multiple site visits. The second step will consist of the analysis of conversion options, followed by conceptual engineering and preliminary design.