France Road Terminal Wharf Assessment

Project Photos

Location: New Orleans, LA
Client: Port of New Orleans

The Port of New Orleans and Boh Bros. chose Volkert to provide site assessment, design, and construction inspection services for the wharf at the France Road Terminal.

The site assessment consisted of a visual inspection and a repair type classification of 636 foundation piles located below 725 feet of Berth No. 4 wharf structure, 19 foundation piles located below the south ramp, and 30 piles below the north ramp, as well as a visual inspection of the existing mooring bits and fender system.

Volkert provided a design that included HDPE jackets. When it became apparent that removal of the below-water wraps was an issue, the plan was modified to implement a design that economically filled the pilings with concrete from above.

Volkert’s structural staff provided a detailed model of the wharf to ensure the proposed solution would carry the loads the contractor anticipated to place on the wharf. The HDPE jackets were utilized to cover the void in the steel piling and contain the concrete that was pumped in.

The plan was an environmentally friendly solution, providing a cost savings to both the contractor and the port. The plan also served as an economical solution for use on other wharfs exhibiting the same issues.