Hill East Waterfront Redevelopment

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Location: Washington, DC

Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

Over the next 20 years, the site of the DC General Hospital will be redeveloped into a 60-acre mixed use urban redevelopment along the Anacostia River. In the plan, Massachusetts Avenue is to extend through the redevelopment and serve as a primary access route to the Anacostia Waterfront. This vision includes a new tree-lined public streets system with open spaces, improved pedestrian-bicycle access and metro connections.

Volkert designed the infrastructure to accommodate future development by providing a complete roadway and sidewalk designs which included street lighting, drainage, traffic management, streetscape, and utility relocation. One of the biggest challenges was designing the infrastructure to accommodate the future developments while maintaining DC General Hospital and the adjacent correctional facility functional. The document review phase included investigation for on-site hazardous materials, as well as hazardous materials within the campus buildings. This effort helped develop a plan for razing the necesary buildings to accommodate site developments. Volkert’s role also included designing various parking lots to replace the loss of parking during the construction phase, and the design of a small interim park used as a community garden by nearby residents and students at the adjacent St. Coletta School.

Integrating Low Impact Development (LID) into the streetscape design was critical in achieving the stormwater management goals. Bioretention cells on Massachusetts Avenue capture roadway and sidewalks runoff. These are filled with trees providing shade and low-growing plantings providing habitat for butterflies and birds. The Hill East Waterfront Redevelopment’s approach to stormwater management tries to replicate the natural process and hold water on-site as much as possible through a combination of porous pavements and vegetated collection devices.

Scope of Work: Infrastructure Planning, Civil Engineering, Lighting Design, Stormwater Management, Utility Relocation, Landscape Architecture, Streetscape Design, Parking Lot Design, Roadway Design, Traffic Management, Intersection design