I-85 Extension Study

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Location: Montgomery, AL to Mississippi state line
Client: Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)

Recognizing the need for an interstate link between I-85 in Montgomery and I-59/20 near the Mississippi State Line, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) selected Volkert to conduct an extension study.

Volkert assessed the feasibility and impact of the extension, developed possible build alternatives, and conducted public information and outreach efforts. Volkert’s draft Environmental Impact Statement, identifying a Preferred Alternative, was approved by the Federal Highway Administration in 2010.

The extension will connect two of Alabama’s major interstate corridors, providing enhanced transportation and economic development throughout Alabama’s Black Belt region. The Black Belt is home to the state’s largest concentrations of poverty and low-income population.

The region is rich with ecological and cultural resources, including threatened and endangered species, a National Historic Trail, and numerous civil rights historical sites. The project required coordination with numerous local, state, and federal agencies and the development of multiple alternative proposals to minimize detrimental impact. Volkert also conducted an extensive public involvement campaign to provide citizens with the opportunity for input and feedback.

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Scope of Work: Environmental Assessment, Cultural Resources Assessment, Public Outreach, Corridor Study, Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Civil Engineering, Geographical Information System (GIS) database, Real Estate Services, Environmental Justice Assessment, Agency Coordination