I-95 Asset Management/Structural Inspection

Project Photos

Location: Florida District 6
Client: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Volkert was contracted to provide structures inspection and incidental engineering on several sections of I-95. Work included the inspection of 205 bridges, 305 signs and 102 High Mast Light Poles.

In addition to inspections, Volkert performed incidental engineering and emergency response services on an as needed basis and was responsible for securing and managing specialty engineering services. Example projects and services included: a visual assessment of the damage to bridges caused by Hurricane Wilma; repair design and CEI services for signs damaged by Hurricane Wilma; design of numerous sign panel faces; inspections leading to major structural rehabilitation of bridges on I-395 when major column spalls and beam deficiencies were detected; and assessing the damages to a bridge resulting from a tanker fire and providing the repairs based on the bridge’s original design.

Scope of Work: In-depth Bridge Inspection, Fractured Critical Inspection, Incidental Bridge Inspection, Emergency Inspection, Complex Interchange Bridges