Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway

Project Photos

Location: Tampa, FL
Client: Granite Construction

The Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway  project entailed 2.4 miles of widening for this elevated toll facility in Tampa, Florida from four to six lanes. The Prime contractor realized the experience and quality that was necessary for this undertaking.  Volkert’s Gainesville, Florida survey team was contracted to perform all of the survey of this highly travelled expressway.

Volkert’s highly experienced survey and laser scanning teams provided all of the primary horizontal control, primary vertical control, location survey control, alignment recovery, analysis and reestablishment, and design survey which consisted of a combination of conventional design survey, static laser scanning, and mobile laser scanning.

Static laser scanning was performed of the “at-grade” portion of this project and the superstructure of the elevated facility for the extraction of topographic design survey elements and preparation of the digital terrain model for design. Solid modeling of the pier locations, pier caps, and beams was also included.

The Volkert survey team was challenged by safety reasons for both employees and motorists. Additionally, time constraints were also an important factor for completing the survey . Volkert implemented a mobile laser scanner unit using a “rolling blockade” method in two directions at 45mph, twice each direction of the upper deck area of the 2.4 mile expressway surface.  This project also included extraction of design data for the upper deck specifically to include barriers, deck surface, joints, scupper locations and formulation of a digital terrain model for use by the designer.