LSU Medical Center

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Location: New Orleans, LA
Client: State of Louisiana Division of Administration

Following damage to medical infrastructure from Hurricane Katrina, the State of Louisiana responded with a vision for a billion-dollar medical district in New Orleans. To help realize this vision, Volkert facilitated acquisition of approximately twenty seven blocks  of the Mid City neighborhood adjacent to medical schools and facilities.

The creation of a BioDistrict in New Orleans promises to restore the city’s health infrastructure and to create an economic, medical, and technological engine for the region. The combined effort between university, local, state, and federal resources will create a new major medical hub. The anchor institutions are the new Medical Center of Louisiana and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

For the Medical Center of Louisiana, Volkert assisted with the acquisition of fifteen blocks, encompassing approximately 250 properties. For the Veteran Affairs Medical Center Volkert facilitated the acquisition of all property within twelve city blocks, including approximately three hundred properties. In both cases, Volkert negotiated the acquisitions and relocations for a wide variety of property types, including single- and multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, and non-profits.

With the property acquisition complete, site preparation and construction has begun. The project is expected to generate eight thousand construction jobs and 22,000 permanent new jobs.

Scope of Work: Real Estate Services, Property Acquisition , Agency Coordination, Right of Way (ROW) services.