Multiple Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

Project Photos

Location: Fairfax County, VA
Client: Fairfax County Department of Transportation

Fairfax County has been implementing a 10-year pedestrian capital improvement program throughout the county roadways to provide safe and effective pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Improving pedestrian safety is an essential part of the county’s transportation plan. The program links residential and commercial areas with public use facilities.  Improvements include neighborhood connectivity, transit access, intersection retrofits, access to bus stops, and ADA compliance.  Some of the projects link missing walkway and trail segments and provide connections to completed portions of the County-wide trail network.

Volkert’s support to the County covers walkways and sidewalks throughout the County.  These projects retrofit complex urban intersections / interchanges to accommodate pedestrian access and ADA-compliance. They also include pedestrian connections to the overall transportation network where sidewalks do not exist. The overall goal is to provide people with safe and reliable multimodal services.

Designs also include grading, horizontal and vertical alignment, storm drainage facilities, retaining walls, bus stop improvements including pad upgrades to ADA requirements, maintenance of traffic, signage and pavement marking, and erosion/sediment control.

A context sensitive solutions approach is always implemented. Sometimes the stakeholder engagement process will reveal important issues to the community such as protecting existing trees and landscaping, designing features that replicate significant structures near the project area, and minimizing impacts to private property. For example, pedestrian improvements often require driveway reconstruction that goes beyond the Right of Way. This issue requires close coordination with the homeowner and ultimately a solution that is acceptable to both parties and meets the requirements of the project.

Scope of Work: Infrastructure Planning, Civil Engineering, Lighting Design, Stormwater Management, Utility Relocation, Landscape Architecture, Streetscape Design, Roadway Design, Traffic Management