Norris Bridge Safety Inspections

Project Photos

Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Client: Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Volkert served as Fredericksburg District’s bridge safety inspector to assess the physical and functional condition of approximately 80 bridges located in the Fredericksburg District.

Among Volkert’s most significant assignments were biennial, element-level inspections of the Robert Opie Norris, Jr. Bridge (Norris Bridge), which crosses the Rappahannock River.

This bridge is 9,989 feet in length with 44 spans with 17 rolled steel multi-beam spans, 12 non-redundant fracture-critical 2-girder spans with floor beams and stingers, 12 continuous steel deck truss spans, and 3 steel through truss spans.  The entire bridge was inspected including ultrasonic testing on the complex pin and hanger assemblies (including 286 individual pins).

Volkert’s inspection team conducted annual, element-level, hands-on inspections of fracture-critical members including tension members of trusses in 25 spans, tension areas on girders in 12 spans, and tension areas on floorbeams in 28 spans.  Ultrasonic testing is conducted on 96 fracture-critical pins.
Volkert also coordinated with Dominion Power to de-energize 150,000 V power lines and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Scope of Work: Element Level-Hands-On Inspections, Steel Bridge over Navigable Water, Inspection of Fracture-Critical Elements & Complex Pin & Hanger Assemblies, Non-destructive Testing, U.S. Coast Guard Coordination, Update of Inventory Data