North Parallel East-West Taxiway

Project Photos

Location: New Orleans International Airport, LA
Client: New Orleans Aviation Board

The New Orleans Aviation Board selected Volkert to design taxiway expansion at the New Orleans International Airport.

The project added 3,600 feet of taxiway, parallel to an existing runway.  The project scope included separate design and construction projects for surcharge and pavement, and included grade, base, pavement, a new storm sewer system, lighting, field surveys, and utility relocation.

Volkert provided field survey, preliminary and final plans, and bid documents for surcharge and pavement projects.  Volkert also provided CEI services on the pavement project.  Electrical design services included runway centerline, lights, runway edge lights, and touchdown zone lights. Taxiway centerline and lead-on/lead-off lights were added to each runway end.  In addition, all other lighting and signage needed to complete the lighting components required for low visibility operations were added.

The completed project was recognized for excellence in infrastructure with the award for Excellence in Construction for Infrastructure/Heavy Construction in 1997 by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., New Orleans Chapter.

Scope of Work: Field Survey, Aviation Engineering, Preliminary Design, Taxiway and Pavement Design, Bid and Contract Administration, Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI), Lighting Design, Drainage Design