Route 11 South Regional Study

Project Photos

Location: Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, VA
Client: Harrisonburg-Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization

Route 11 in the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County is a major north-south corridor that serves the residents and businesses of five jurisdictions.  The existing transportation infrastructure needed a unified approach for dealing with transportation impacts across jurisdictional borders, as well as an overarching strategy for allocating the costs of those impacts.

Volkert managed a coordinated, regional, multi-modal planning study of a 5-mile segment of Route 11.  The study’s objectives included development of urban design guidelines in the context of the corridor and the preparation of alternative financial plans for innovative transportation infrastructure funding.

In order to address the needs of 5 jurisdictions, the study team met with a steering committee on a regular basis for guidance and consensus building.  Public meetings provided citizens with opportunities to provide input, express concerns, and ask questions.

The study involved data gathering, field inventory, and base mapping; development of 2 alternatives and impact analyses based on projected development and traffic through horizon year 2035; and development of context-sensitive design guidelines structured around visual data fusion. Volkert used Arc GIS (Graphic Information Systems) to show how each jurisdiction used different classifications, which were easily misinterpreted. Volkert then proposed a uniform classification system that incorporated each jurisdiction’s needs and clearly redefined the zoning/land use classifications.  Volkert set up a graphic system that can be updated, allowing trends in money spent on specific projects to be graded against past behavior.

Scope of Work: Transportation/land-use study, Alternatives Development and Evaluation, Traffic Impact Analysis, Conceptual Design, Cost estimates, Collaboration with Multiple Local agencies and Jurisdictions, Public Involvement