Safety Inspections of Highway Structures and Bridges

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Location: VDOT Culpepper and Staunton Districts, VA
Client: Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Volkert provides element-level inspections, load ratings, and nondestructive ultrasonic testing to assess the physical and functional condition of highway bridges and support structures for traffic control devices throughout the Staunton and Culpeper districts. Tasks involve biennial routine, initial, hands-on, and special inspections of the district’s approximately 1,000 bridges and 1,500 ancillary structures.

Following an earthquake in August 2011, Volkert inspectors were on-site within 24-hours and completed emergency bridge inspections of affected structures within 3 days.

The various bridge types inspected include truss and continuous, multi-span, steel and prestressed concrete bridges over roads, waterways, and railroads.  Staff perform hands-on inspections on fatigue-prone details, fracture-critical members, and pin and hanger assemblies using non-destructive and ultrasonic testing methods. Tasks also include inspection of sign and traffic control devise structures.

Volkert’s work includes a detailed quality assurance/quality control process that adheres to VDOT and FHWA guidelines.

Scope of Services: Routine, Hands-On, Initial, Supplemental, & Special Inspections, Element-Level Inspections, Emergency Inspections, Inspection of Fracture-Critical Elements & Fatigue-Prone Details, Non-destructive Testing, Load Ratings, Underwater Inspections