Shallowford and Jenkins Roundabout

Project Photos

Location: Chattanooga, TN
Client: City of Chattanooga

Shallowford Road and Jenkins Road are both collector streets that intersect in a major commercial center in suburban Chattanooga creating an intersection that is adjacent to a church and school. To improve safety and capacity while enhancing the aesthetics on an important town center, Chattanooga turned to Volkert for an innovative roundabout and streetscape design.

Volkert designed a roundabout with four legs, a 120-foot inscribed circle diameter and a raised central island with a stamped concrete mountable truck apron and a right turn bypass lane on one quadrant. The design includes curb and gutter and sidewalks with bike lanes on three legs. The project limits on the northern and eastern legs were extended approximately 400 feet and turn lanes were added to match future construction.

Volkert prepared plans and specifications, including a stormwater pollution prevention plan, right-of-way plans including plats and deed documents, and administered construction of the final project.

Scope of Work: Civil Engineering, Roadway Design, Streetscape Design, Traffic Engineering, Landscape Design, Right of Way, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning, Construction Administration, Project Documentation