SR 329 (Main Street) and SR 331 (Williston Road) Intersection Redesign

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Location: Gainesville, FL
Client: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Volkert was selected by the FDOT, District 2 to provide design survey and engineering design services for the intersection redesign of SR 329 (Main Street) and SR 331 (Williston Road) in Gainesville, Florida. This intersection was originally constructed with SR 331 teeing into SR 329, with SR 329 being the through roadway. Upon Volkert engineers studying the original intersection geometry and reviewing the crash and traffic data for the roadways and intersection, it became clear that major revisions to the intersection’s geometry were needed. Many accidents had taken place at this intersection over the past ten years with some resulting in fatalities. The previous geometry brought SR 331 into SR 329 on a considerable skew. SR 331 over the years had increased in traffic flow considerably over SR 329 such that the minor roadway was now the through road. This, added to the fact that SR 331 was a designated truck route, again made it clear to FDOT officials that following Volkert’s analysis for a complete realignment of the intersection was in order.

The redesign required new geometry, both vertical and horizontal, as well as the redesign of the stormwater piping system which discharges to Lake Alice, an environmentally sensitive area. The FDOT approved Volkert’s redesign with the primary objectives being increased safety, higher capacity and a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly facility. Gainesville is home to the University of Florida with a student population of over 51,000 and has many bicyclists and pedestrians.

SR 331 is now the through road and SR 329 is the intersecting road. Bike lanes were added, as well as sidewalks and ADA facilities designed to meet current standards. Traffic flow did not warrant installation of a traffic signal, but provisions were made for one in the future. Safety was enhanced considerably by the new design and capacity was also improved. The redesign of this facility by Volkert for the FDOT resulted in a very successful project that has been well received by the community. Services provided by Volkert included complete construction plans included roadway, MOT, drainage design, geotechnical, signing and pavement marking, and signalization.

Scope of Work: Site Survey, Geotechnical Study, Civil Engineering, Lighting Design, Stormwater Management, Utility Relocation, Public Outreach, Permit Expediting