Staffordboro Commuter Lot Expansion

Project Photos

Location: Stafford County, VA
Client: Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Volkert looked at the long range implication of expanding the existing commuter parking lot and applied holistic design principles in developing a concept that would accommodate an additional 1000 parking spaces and reconfigure the existing parking lot for more efficient circulation and accessibility.

The site (approximately 22 acres) features existing stream, wetlands, and an existing municipal water tower.  Minimizing the impact to these areas was achieved by limiting the encroachment to the wetland to 25’ and providing two access points for the municipal water tower.

The stormwater management design responded to environmental concerns within the area by incorporating a series of sandfilters, bioretention cells, and/or bioswales into the design. Water quantity mitigation requirements were achieved with sandfilters in combination with large underground storage facilities before being discharged into the wetland.

The study evaluated options for alleviating traffic within the local roadway network by improving entrances and exits, introducing additional points of entry and exit, and providing other options for transportation into and out of the facility.  Connectivity to adjacent areas was improved by designing a roadway to connect Staffordboro Boulevard and the intersection of Juggins Road, Doc Stone Road, and Moncure Lane, where an elliptical 5-point single lane roundabout is proposed.

Scope of Work: Infrastructure Planning, Civil Engineering, Lighting Design, Stormwater Management, Utility Relocation, Landscape Architecture, Streetscape Design, Parking Lot Design, Roadway Design, Traffic Management, Intersection design