Three Mile Creek Storm Water Attenuation Tank

Project Photos

Location: Mobile, AL
Client: Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS)

The Three Mile Creek decentralized wastewater treatment facility  in downtown Mobile, Alabama was a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant-funded project for the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS).  MAWSS received a $1.14 million grant for a demonstration project for side-by-side performance evaluations of multiple innovative advanced secondary treatment technologies. Volkert evaluated proposals and selected several technologies to be included in the demonstration project.

The Three Mile Creek interceptor sewer collects wastewater from a large portion of north and west Mobile and discharges it into the Wright Smith wastewater treatment facility.  The detail design included a common system that diverts approximately 40,000 gallons-per-day of raw sewage from the Three Mile Creek interceptor sewer and distributes the flow to independent treatment systems that are located adjacent to the existing Severe Weather Attenuation Tank (SWAT) facility.

The City envisioned a park with public access to the lake. Volkert provided the master plan, coordinated and participated in the public meetings for the restoration of this area.  Volkert provided the survey, design, construction plans, and construction observation for a 4,500-linear-foot long, 8-foot-wide, walking trail that circles around the lake and Lake Drive Tricentennial Park. Environmental services included an environmental assessment, public access, groundwater monitoring plan, public awareness/education, and permitting for reuse.  The re-use water resulting from the treatment is used in a subsurface drip irrigation system for landscaping, walking trails, and other amenities that encourage recreational use of the lake and park.

Volkert was responsible for the treatment plant, landscaping, information kiosk, benches, and the re-use water irrigation system.