ThyssenKrupp Stream Restoration and Riparian Buffer Monitoring Plan

Project Photos

Location: Calvert, AL
Client: Economic Development Partnership of Alabama

Volkert was selected by the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama to assist in impact mitigation for the ThyssenKrupp (TK) steel plant in Calvert, Alabama through development of a plan for stream restoration and riparian buffer monitoring. The conditions of TK’s permit included mitigation credits, protected wetlands, stream restoration areas, riparian buffers, buffer monitoring, stream restoration, and demarcation of the protected areas. Volkert provided engineering and oversight for the restoration of approximately 2,800 linear feet of intermittent streams. We also monitored the wetland buffer and made necessary modifications to the stream restoration plan.

Volkert’s environmental scientists conducted inspections and surveys of the upland buffers to assess the impact of TK’s operations. Volkert surveyed over a hundred thousand linear feet of wetland boundaries and developed deed restrictions and restrictive covenant data for the preservation and buffering of adjacent wetlands. Volkert designed 124 acres of riparian buffer for the project. Buffer monitoring will document the presence or absence of invasive species and wildlife.

Throughout the monitoring, Volkert will provide annual reports to ThyssenKrupp, the USACE, and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. When all phases are implemented, the monitoring plan will document the success of the site’s protected wetlands and restored stream.