Volkswagen Drive

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Location: Chattanooga, TN
Client: City of Chattanooga

The City of Chattanooga selected Volkert, Inc. to evaluate the traffic impact of the Volkswagen (VW) manufacturing facility to be located in the Enterprise South Industrial Park, located between Highway 58 and I-75, north of Bonny Oaks Drive in Hamilton County, Tennessee. In addition, Chattanooga State Technical College operates a training center for VW employees located on-site and the industrial park hosts suppliers of VW and the TDOT Region II Office. The traffic generated by these facilities creates a significant impact on the adjacent roadway network.

Using current traffic data, Volkert evaluated 37 intersections and three railroad crossings and compared the analysis to conditions on opening day of VW. Trip generation performed for the proposed facilities was distributed along existing roadways and the impact on intersections was analyzed with micro-simulation. Volkert subsequently recommended roadway and intersection improvements to the City of Chattanooga.

VW requested that the study examine at the employee parking facility’s ingress and egress at shift changes and evaluate roundabouts. Enterprise South Boulevard was evaluated at three locations: the VW Plant Entrance and the two VW Employee Parking Entrances.