Services | Coastal Engineering

Coastal Engineering

Volkert’s  expertise in the area of coastal engineering includes coastal project design and implementation, feasibility studies, beach and dune enhancements, and the preparation of coastal zone permits.  Services we provide include:

  • Development of site specific hydrodynamic model and the state-of-practice methodology for inlet stability analysis
  • Design of wave attenuation units and breakwaters with respect to current, wave, and wind loads
  • Development of sand traps, sand vaults, and in-line pumping stations for sand transport across inlets
  • Coastal numerical and physical modeling, hindcasting and statistical analyses to determine design storm surge, wave height and current magnitudes
  • Coastal morphological analyses and determination of hydrodynamic loads on coastal structures
  • Developing eroded-beach profiles for pre- and post-developed conditions through finite element modeling of storm events
  • Scour evaluation around bridge piles
  • Analysis of vertical forces produced by storm surge on the bridge deck and wind waves horizontal forces on bridge railing
  • Perform sand analysis for size and percent fines to determine dredging requirement for transporting sandy material
  • Design of bridges over navigable waterways and in coastal environments