Services | Survey


Volkert’s survey practice covers complete control and design survey, as well as static and mobile terrestrial lidar (laser scanning) services. In addition, the practice covers right-of-way control surveys, right-of-way mapping for new corridors, survey for bridge, intersection, and safety improvements, and design-build projects. Volkert’s survey capabilities include:

GPS high-order geodetic control using Trimble R-8 and R-6 GPS equipment
Precision high-order vertical control networks
Conventional design survey using total stations equipped with electronic field book data collection software (EFB),
Static laser scanning using the Riegl VZ-400
Mobile laser scanning using the Riegl VMX-250 to capture topography at 65 mph
Scan data point cloud processing using TOPODOT software for data extraction
Use of CaiCE Microstation and Geopak software for final deliverables