I-124 Widening and Improvements

Volkert’s Chattanooga office is providing CEI services on the complicated widening and improvements to the stretch of I-124 that runs through downtown Chattanooga and over the Olgiati Bridge. With a project length of just over two miles, this four-year urban arterial project is converting four lanes of traffic to six. It includes over 30 retaining walls, six bridges, new road realignment, interchange reconstruction, ITS and high mast lighting and the widening of the Olgiati Bridge over the Tennessee River. Similar to the recently completed US27 project to the north, the project has an average daily traffic count of 70,000 vehicles, which requires constant communication of changing conditions with TDOT, city, county, and state emergency services and traveling public.

On this project, Volkert has been innovative by developing and utilizing CEI mobile applications to provide more accurate and real-time reporting for field activities, documentation, and testing. Utilized by field and office staff, the applications have provided time and cost savings due to real-time reports being uploaded on a web-based database. In addition, working together with our partners and the designer on the project, the Volkert team developed a project-specific, interactive GIS mobile application for CEI use. Project design information was overlaid on a GIS system showing all pertinent project information, including drainage and utilities. This has facilitated expediting requests for information and field changes through immediate communication with CEI staff and designers, providing time and cost savings. This new innovative application can be used on any TDOT projects and will provide the same benefits.

This is the largest TDOT project awarded to-date, at a cost of $126 million. Construction began in late 2015.


Chattanooga (Hamilton County), Tennessee


Tennessee Department of Transportation