Architectural History Surveys

Volkert’s historic preservation services are provided by our Senior Historian – with an expertise in architectural history, historic preservation, and history – meeting the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for Architectural Historian. Our staff also has experience with Department of Transportation (DOT) projects, the Historic Preservation Division (HPD) Grant Survey projects, as well as historic resource surveys for cell phone tower projects. We provide cultural resources support for planning, engineering, and construction services to government, commercial and private industry clients with projects requiring compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and other federal, state, and local cultural resource regulations.

  • Planning, scheduling, coordinating, and conducting all phases of architectural history related work
  • Identification of historic resources and evaluation of resources for National Register eligibility
  • Preparing Historic Resources Survey Reports, History Assessment of Effects Reports, Memorandum of Agreement, and Section 106 early coordination letters
  • Conducting background research for historic resources, buildings, towns, and cities
  • Maintaining quality control standards for documents and analyses of historic resources
  • Work with project team to avoid and minimize impacts to eligible historic resources

All Planning + Environmental Services


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