Construction Management

Volkert’s construction management team strives to execute owners’ visions with management and coordination that controls costs, maintains schedules, and delivers quality. We provide professional leadership throughout the design, preconstruction and construction phases of the project. Beginning with the pre-construction phase and continuing through design, bidding, construction, and occupancy, 

Volkert’s team serves as a force multiplier for owners and agencies, as well as a single point of contact for the entire design and construction process, creating a more manageable program.

Our cost control and project management processes deliver projects economically by effectively controlling budget decisions. Throughout every phase of the process, Volkert offers simple but effective reporting, meetings and project documentation using state-of-the-art tools like e-Builder to keep all stakeholders abreast of progress and completion. 

The quality of work and the integrity of relations with our clients are major factors in the success of our projects. For over nine decades, we have proven our dependability through the satisfactory completion of hundreds of major projects. However, Volkert recognizes each new project as a challenge to prove our reputation again through the performance of our professional services.

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