Coastal Resilience

Volkert provides a comprehensive range of coastal services, including planning, grant management, permitting, design, and monitoring.

Our coastal engineers and environmental scientists assist coastal communities in sustainability and resilience programs.

Volkert’s ecologists and engineers also have extensive experience with habitat protection and restoration projects in wetlands, streams, and coastal marshes. Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary approach, which provides our clients with a wide range of engineering, scientific, project, and program management services suited to their specific needs.

  • Hydrodynamic modeling
  • Inlet stability analysis
  • Wave attenuation units and breakwaters
  • Bank and stream restoration and stabilization
  • Sand traps, sand vaults, and in-line pumping stations for sand transport
  • Sand analysis for dredging and transport requirements
  • Storm surge and wave height analyses
  • Morphological analyses and determination of hydrodynamic loads
  • Estuarine and coastal habitat creation and restoration
  • Beach nourishment and shoreline protection

All Design + Engineering Services


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