Grant Assistance + Management

When Volkert’s planners, engineers, and environmental professionals assist communities and agencies with visioning, concept development, and feasibility studies, the next step is often to secure funding to turn a vision into reality. With public funding increasingly scarce, federal and state infrastructure grants are often the best way to get a project funded. 

Volkert has worked with communities across its geographic footprint to secure grant funding for projects ranging from bicycle and pedestrian trails to complete street designs to roadway and bridge safety improvements. We have successfully assisted our clients with TIGER, BUILD, and INFRA grants, as well as with several state local-assistance programs. 

Volkert also assists state agencies with the management of grant programs including documentation, regulatory compliance, publications, and disbursement. In one such program alone, Volkert is assisting with the stewardship of multi-year grant programs distributing hundreds of millions of dollars for environmental restoration.

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