Land Acquisition and Survey: Right-of-Way Services

Since 2014, Volkert has been providing land acquisition services for one of America’s largest energy companies. Volkert understands the value of both protecting our environment and of respecting the landowners in the communities where we live and work. With this approach forefront in all our interactions, Volkert’s right-of-way team has earned a reputation as dependable, thorough, “hands-on” representatives of the client. 

In short, Volkert has become an acclaimed member of the utility right-of-way industry in just a few years. While landowner negotiations, including managing damage settlements, form a significant portion of our duty, the proficiency of our right-of-way team is far-reaching. 

Volkert provides myriad services, including participating in community outreach, obtaining survey permissions, performing title research, securing permits (Department of Transportation, railroad, etc.), handling negotiations, and conducting damage settlements.  We provide ancillary services including trust account management, specialized data entry, and project scoping and estimating. 

Whether we are managing all facets of preparing for a 40+ mile rebuild or whether we are coordinating land acquisition for a new 1 ½ mile transmission line, we approach every project with the same degree of professionalism and reliability. We continually strive to expand our skills and develop future opportunities by participating in continuing education and by reviewing and updating safety protocols and best practices in the right-of-way industry.