Tornado Disaster Response Management

April 27, 2011, saw the deadliest series of tornadoes to hit the United States in nearly four decades. The tornadoes ripped through seven southern states, killing more than 220 people, flattening neighborhoods, and destroying cars, trees, and power lines. The Birmingham, Alabama, area was hit particularly hard.

Volkert played a significant role in the recovery efforts for the City of Birmingham, nearby suburb Pratt City, and the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) in Jefferson County. Volkert personnel were responsible for overseeing debris monitors assigned to the project in accordance with FEMA Public Assistance (PA) guidance. Volkert provided management personnel and debris monitors for right-of-way debris removal, debris management site operations, private property debris removal, and demolition activities.

Volkert served as a subconsultant for the City of Birmingham Program Management Disaster Assistance Services, prime consultant to the Birmingham Water Works Board, and prime consultant to the Alabama Department of Transportation for Storm Debris Monitoring/Inspection in Jefferson County.

On behalf of the Birmingham Waters Works Board, Volkert assessed damage to the system’s infrastructure, identified and quantified losses, documented project worksheets for FEMA reimbursement and filed proposals.

For ALDOT, Volkert evaluated damage to rights-of-way and coordinated their recovery efforts.

Volkert’s monitoring services facilitated a massive recovery endeavor:

  • 250+ truck certifications
  • 7350+ load tickets
  • 165,000+ CY of C&D Debris
  • 22,700+ Tons of Vegetative Debris
  • 275+ Hazardous Stumps
  • 640+ Hazardous Leaning Trees
  • 625+ Private Property Debris Removal Operations
  • 22 Private Property Demolitions


Birmingham, Alabama


Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and the City of Birmingham