Transferring Innovative Erosion and Sediment Control Research Results into Industry Practice

March 2, 2020

Volkert’s vice president of green infrastructure, Barry Fagan, PE/PLS, ENV SP, CPMSM, CPESC, CESSWI, was recently published as a co-author in the MDPI Water journal. The white paper manuscript—Transferring Innovative Erosion and Sediment Control Research Results into Industry Practice—highlights the far-reaching influence of the Auburn University Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility. Barry helped to develop the initial vision and design for the facility and has been a part of the work there since its inception.



Erosion and sediment controls (ESCs) are essential components of construction projects in minimizing downstream environmental impact. Since 2014, the Auburn University—Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility has hosted training events focused on disseminating results of innovative construction stormwater research to practitioners to help close the gap between research results and implementation. The purpose of training is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about various practices used in construction settings to manage stormwater runoff. The result is increased knowledge of stormwater management which will translate into better protection of water resources. The facility has the unique capability of producing flows to simulate runoff typical of construction activities using research apparatuses, allowing attendees to understand how devices react when subject to field-like runoff conditions. The facility has provided training through a total of nine offerings with 764 participants. The purpose of this manuscript is to evaluate the effectiveness of the delivery style of these courses in providing technology transfer to industry professionals. In distributed surveys, attendees were asked to rank their level of knowledge prior to and after attending the training programs in ten specific focus areas covered during training. Overall, knowledge measurements indicated that technical knowledge level was improved across all measured areas with an average increase in perceived knowledge of 82% for a 1.5-day hands-on installer training event and 36% for a 1-day field day.

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Barry Fagan

Vice President